Healthy Start

Racing for Recovery 6202 Trust Dr, Holland

Healthy Start • Healthy Start is just that! A body-based modality to build self-esteem, self-confidence, and a healthy start to the day. This group empowers healing from the inside out – body, mind, and spirit – while offering several options that include Pilates, Crossfit, weight-lifting,...



Hot Room Toledo 5107 Monroe St, Toledo

Inferno Hot Pilates is an extremely chal­leng­ing full-body work­out using Pilates prin­ci­ples, taught by a certified instructor. It is a train­ing sys­tem which com­bines Pilates prin­ci­ples with high inten­sity inter­val train­ing and is per­formed in a room heated to 95 degrees Fahren­heit and 40%. This...


Friday IOP Group

Intensive Outpatient Groups • Our Intensive Outpatient Program is comprised of psychoeducational group therapy, coupled with individual therapy and case management, to teach interpersonal skills, emotion-regulation skills, and pro-social coping skills. This groups teaches how to use our Ten Lifestyles, and how to make the...